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We develop AI-driven digital health platforms and services
to improve human health and well-being.
About us

Datamind previously built CosScan, our prototype mobile application with the help of

Agency of Science, Technology and Research SingaporeNanyang Technological University of Singapore.

SkintechMD, a wholly owned subsidiary of Datamind, is a digital health company focusing on improving skin health. SkintechMD is currently developing a consumer-facing app (FaceHealth) which aims to augment skin health through the use of data and artificial intelligence. It incorporates all the functions of CosScan and much more. Stay tuned!


  1. Companies that want to expand into Asia with their product
  2. Universities / Companies that want to do joint collaboration research esp in consumer skin health & AI
  3. Companies ( that have ready to commercialize products ) with listing or buyout intentions in the future
  1. Based in Singapore, Single shareholder Private Entity
  2. Financially sound, zero debt, cash flow +ve, audited
  3. Linked to Nanyang Technological University and ASTAR, Government of Singapore

Datamind is keen to collaborate globally with academic institutions, medical centres, start-ups and MNCs across the following themes:

  • Research and development in health and biomedical sciences
  • Research and development in deep tech and AI
  • Clinical and real-world evidence studies for skincare products and services
  • Clinical and real-world evidence studies for digital health products and services


Was launched in June 2015

The World’s first Optical Character Recognition, Algorithm-based Cosmetic Mobile App Scanner.

*CosScan is no longer available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


The First Singapore App to be featured on “ The Discovery Channel “. It featured on 16th June 2015,
7.00 - 7.30am Eastern Time in North America.
Aired via National TV distribution in over 200 markets including all Top 20 TV markets ( e.g. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago etc ) and to more than 96 million households in the United States.
Simultaneous broadcasted on social media sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Google+ etc and distributed to the Associated Press via National Press Release. CosScan was published in more than 50 news websites throughout North America and Europe including NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC.


Facehealth is a Digital Health Platform which aims to augment skin health through the use of Data &Artificial Intelligence.

N.B. Since January 2016 the CosScan prototype has been integrated into the Digital Face Platform and will be launched as a complete Face App solution soon.

Key Objectives

To empower consumers with deep insights on their skin type and condition and then pairing it with technologies and services which allows for highly personalized recommendations around skincare routines and procedures.

Skincare system

Artificial Intelligence, Visual & Data Analytics based.

Currently under development with the help of 2 Data Scientists and 1 Computer Vision expert.

App features

Cloud-server / app based.

Uses AI to analyze the face of user.

Guidance system to target smart cosmetics to

  1. respective face skin type e.g. dry, oily etc
  2. face skin conditions e.g. pimples, pigmentation, allergy
Cosscan Technology

Employs advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence models to connect specific face skin type / conditions with appropriate skin products and procedures.

Cloud-based server will be connected to digital authoritative databases and social media websites which feature skincare products or discuss skin procedures.

Produced in collaboration with,

A*Star–The Agency for Science, Technology and Research , a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Government of Singapore.


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

our team

Jacqueline goh
CEO & Co-founder

B.Sc. Business and Economics Sophia University Tokyo, Japan

Lawrence wee
Chief Technology Officer and Scientific Consultant

Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Biology, National University of Singapore

kelvin goh
Co-founder and Medical Scientist

M.Sc. Clinical Dermatology, London UK

Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology


846 Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 760846
Jacqueline Goh CEO
Phone: +65 90068806